New Website

Neo-Metro Pleased To Announce Launch Of Sleek New Website

Neo-Metro is pleased to announce the launch of its sleek, redesigned website. The new website features a new look and feel and is specifically designed for ease of use, with features that help visitors find what they need quickly and easily.

New features include a universal navigation bar from which to access any page on the site, quickly and efficiently. The updated search function allows users to search the entire website or full Products page. The inclusion of an updated Applications page allows visitors to navigate the website and the entire Neo-Metro catalogue to determine which products best suit specific applications. The site’s extensive Resources page includes photo galleries, submittals, and literature & brochures.

What is truly unique about the restyled website is that it has a reactive or responsive design; that is, users are not locked into a standard screen size. Reactive design allows the website to reformat for mobile browsers used on Smart Phones and Tablets.

We are pleased with the results of the new Neo-Metro website. It surpasses the old website in all areas from design to content. Enjoy the new experience now at